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You Must be 18 years of Age to purchase from us. 

New to Electronic Cigarettes?
In the next century, 1 billion human beings will die prematurely from smoking related illnesses. Our purpose is to reduce that number, one person at a time - starting with you. 

Electronic cigarettes are not as easy as picking up a cigarette and lighting it (Though it's ton's more fun and less smelly). There is a learning curve, maintenance and whole new world of options. We believe this should be easy and enjoyable for you. 

Here is a Quick-Start guide to help you make a good first choice. If you are unsure of what to choose, email us at: and we can help you choose the best option for you personally. 

To Begin you will need to purchase 2 things - 

1) A Kit or a combined "Device + Tank"

A Kit
contains all the parts required to start - batteries, atomizers, cartridges, charging cords and instructions. All our current kits are suitable for beginners and veteran vapers alike. You can find them under the category: "Devices and Starter Kits"

A Device
is the body of an ecig and a charger. You can pair this with a top of your choice (Tank, Glassomizer, Cartomizer) to tailor more to your personal needs. If you would like to start with a Device + your choice of top, feel free to ask for help on choices. 

The total longevity of batteries are between 6 months to a year (depending on how much you use them) - so you're never married to your first purchase. Unlike many new technologies though, if you choose a more advanced model after only a few months, your first purchase will still serve you well and will likely be something you'll continue to get a lot of use from. Veteran vapers (ecig users) will attest that you can never have too many ecigs, and the longer you vape, the more you'll appreciate back up units.  

2) Tanks, Glassomizers, Cartomizers: 

These are the heating elements that turn eliquid into vapor and fit to the top of your device. We have paired best type of tank or cartomizer in our kits. They are interchangeable on all our devices (except the Subvod) and can also be ordered separately. If you are choosing one for a device (such as the Coolfire 4 or IPOW), feel free to contact us for advice or assistance: 

3) Eliquid

This is the part that makes your ecig work (gives the vapor). It is the most essential part of vaping - so don't forget to purchase eliquid with your kit (some people do and they regret it during each long hour it takes to get the eliquid delivered).

There are many eliquid flavours*** available. The majority of beginners will start with a basic tobacco flavor (for the transition from cigarettes) and a fruit or drink flavor. This gives you a wider range to discover what your personal tastes are and what works best for you. Don't be surprised if after a couple weeks your tastes change and you find yourself craving some odd-ball flavor you never would have considered initially. 

Chasing the perfect flavor can be fun. You may find your favorite immediately, or it could mean trying out a few different things initially. If you find a flavor you don't like - just put it aside for a time. You may like it better later (when your taste buds come back from cigarettes) and you can also mix it together with another flavor for your own unique creation. 

30 ml = approx 2 to 3 weeks supply 
10 ml = approx 4 to 6 days supply

*** Many eliquids in Canada may be made in unsanitary conditions or contain ingredients unsafe for inhaling.
Electrovapors eliquids are solely from official manufacturers with documented quality control and facilities management.

The ECTA is the only body regulating eliquid production in Canada. ALL our eliquids are from companies regulated by the ECTA and are tested for contaminates and to ensure safe ingredients (which are listed on our labels). Electrovapors is a founding member of the ECTA. 

Our goal is to see you succeed.