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The below links will take you to discussion forums, pages and reviewers on electronic cigarettes in Canada and North America, and information sites on ecigs and eliquids (ejuice).  Simply click on the image and your browser will open a new window - directing you to the site, while maintaining this window open for you. 

Canada E-Cigarette Ecig Forum
Get in on the Conversation! 

Wacked Out Canada is THE authoratative ecig forum for Canada, Canadian ecig issues, products, reviews, questions and discussions. 


The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (Canada)
Industry-wide body working towards a regulatory framework for electronic cigarettes in Canada. Site contains news and updates on steps taken, progress and goals. 

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada

 A Consumer Advocacy Group
 THRA is a non-profit advocacy group for consumers of electronic cigarette products. They are dedicated and actively involved in  fighting for the public`s right to access products that help smokers give up tobacco. THRA is involved in educational initiatives, medical  research, campaigns against prohibitive legislation and dedication to seeing an industry that is responsible towards the consumer. 

   Electronic Cigarette Research Compendium 
   A current compendium of research (scientific, medical and academic) from
   around the world.    This compendium is maintained by a non-partisan,
   non-industry sponsored group of advocates. 
   Frequently updated to reflect the latest information. 

    Battery University
    A stellar online resource for information on battery charging,
   prolonging, disposal and more.