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1) How do I pay using Interac?  

All you need is an email address, access to online banking at a participating financial institution, and the email address of the person you are sending money to (

To send an Interac Email Money Transfer:
Login to online banking
Locate Transfer/Payment menu options or click "Send an email money transfer"
Specify a recipient by entering their email address
Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information (dollar amount, account from which to withdraw the funds, a security question that only the recipient will know the answer to and optional personal message)
Follow instructions to confirm the information and complete the transfer


(2) COD (collect on delivery)
If you do not have online banking, or would prefer not to pay with that option - but would like to make an order, we can ship it COD. With COD - you pay Canada Post when you receive the package. 

Canada Post has a $7.21 (plus GST) fee for COD service. We add $7, as a flat rate, to your order, and absorb the remaining fee and GST. 

Once your order is shipped, we will send you a tracking number and the order total with the added fee - so you'll know exactly how much to pay when the package arrives.

How to Make a COD order: Fill your cart and check out. Click on all those annoying little boxes at the end of every page. When you get to the page for "payment" - select "COD" as your payment option. We'll do the rest. 

(3) Free Home Delivery
As of June, 23, 2014 we offer direct home delivery (at no charge) in Olds, Didsbury, Carstairs and Airdrie Alberta.

To activate this,

1. Log in. Make sure your phone number, home address and email are correct and current (so we can contact you)
2. Place your order as normal, go through check out.
3. Select "Pick up from Store" as the shipping option.
4. Select COD (Cash on Delivery) as the payment option.  

You can either pay Interac etransfer or in cash when your order is dropped off.

Once we see your order, we will contact you by phone and arrange for a time to deliver your order. Olds, Didsbury and Carstairs residents will have same day delivery. Airdrie residents will be next day.

There is no charge for home delivery. 

(4) What happens after I make an Interac Payment, Request COD or in person delivery?
Once we receive your payment, your order is updated from "waiting Interac Payment" to "processing".

a) If the payment was processed prior to 1 pm, on a weekday, your order will be sent out the same day. If we are unable to send it out that day, due to a large volume of orders, we will contact you immediately and send it next business day. 

b) If your payment was processed after 1 pm, on a weekday, we will place it in a cue for same day shipping. If we are able to fill the order that day, we will. If not, your order will ship the following business day. 

All orders are shipped "Xpresspost" via Canada Post, including COD's. Xpresspost comes with a guaranteed delivery time (1 to 3 days cross canada, excepting some remote communities without daily mail service). Each order is assigned a tracking number, allowing you to track your package from the time it reaches our postal outlet to the time it reaches you. 

(3) Why Don't you accept Paypal? or Credit Cards? 
Paypal - Is a private payment processing service, used by small businesses and individuals world-wide. For the past 5 years they have held a policy against processing payments for any retail electronic cigarette products, anywhere in the world, regardless of local policies. As part of this industry, we strongly disagree with the policy and do not believe any company, private or otherwise, should decide what the general public is permitted to purchase - so long as the products are legal, and the company behind them is legit. We encourage anyone who wishes, to submit a complaint to Paypal regarding this policy. 

Currently, if you attempt to make a paypal payment on an electronic cigarette, Paypal can and will usually freeze the accounts of both the sender and receiver and may permanently remove your right to use paypal for any other transaction. 

Canadian Credit Cards - Like Paypal, commercial credit card processing companies are run by private corporations. The current policies of all Canadian processors is to not work with electronic cigarette companies. This same policy was in force in the US and Europe - but has changed in the past two years. We are confident that our Canadian processors will review their policy and make changes, in keeping with the purchasing choices that Canadians make. 

"Off-shore" processing is available for Canadian ecig companies (where your credit cards are processed via another country). We have looked into this option, but would prefer, as a company, to wait on our Canadian credit card processors to revise their current policies. We do routinely revisit this decision and will update our site if and when there is a change. It's our position, right now, that the current payment systems available have the type of security we believe is more in the favor of our clients.