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About Us

Your Trusted Source for Quality Electronic Cigarette Products. 

1 Billion human beings will die prematurely from smoking related illness in the next century. That's more than the current population of Canada. Our goal is to put a dent in that number, one person at a time. Starting with you. 

At Electro Vapors, we put you first. Your safety and ability to work with the products you order are right in the center of our focus. The items you find in our store come from the worlds top electronic cigarette and Canadian-only eliquid manufacturers, with proven reputations in quality products, high standards and continual innovations.

All our kits and devices are safety certified and ROHS compliant (a combined safety-green initiative).

Our eliquids are produced in proper facilities and submitted to random labratory quality tests. 

We are committed to bringing you an excellent customer service experience. This includes: 

  • Personal consultation by phone or email
  • In-home consultation in our local area (Mountain View County, Alberta)
  • Follow up (on demand) and trouble-shooting (if required)
  • Fast response to requests, problems and complaints
  • Products that are safety-certified and lab-tested
  • Instruction manuals that you can read (many now in both French and English)
  • Un-edited online reviews by real customers

We are likewise committed to getting your products to you quickly. Orders are shipped within 12 - 24 hours of ordering (not including weekends and holidays). Expected delivery times range from 2 - 3 business days across Canada. 

Why all this? Thousands of men and women are switching to ecigs every day. Too many will end up owners of over-priced, bulky, low-quality electronic "thingy's" that underperform, are confusing to use and fail to satisfy. Some that may be dangerous to use if not properly understood. As a team of veteran vapers - we know the difference that quality makes - and the real difference that switching makes. So we offer affordable, high quality, sleek, attractive products that are easy to use and always satisfying - and right on the cutting edge of the latest electronic cigarette technology. 

It's an ecig experience you can trust. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at
Suggestions and requests are always welcome. 

Electrovapors is located north of Calgary, Alberta in Mountain View County.