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Frequently Asked Questions on Electronic Cigarettes

(1) What Are Electronic Cigarettes?
An Electronic cigarette (Also known as an e-cigarette, e-cig or Personal Vaporizer) is used as an alternative to cigarette smoking. It is a small electronic device made up of a rechargeable battery (the body), with an detachable heating element (the atomizer) that vaporizes liquid (eliquid). 

When assembled and filled with eliquid, the device mimics the physical action of smoking (inhaling and exhaling), but does not use tobacco or create smoke. Eliquid (sometimes called e-juice - see below), is used with an electronic cigarette to produce vapor that the user inhales and exhales.

(2) What is the Difference between your ecigs and the ones at gas stations and convenience stores? 
Convenience store ecigs are single-use disposable devices. They do not contain components capable of producing the rich, dense vapor common in premium electronic cigarettes, found on-line and in many dedicated stores across the nation. 

Electrovapors sells "Premium Electronic Cigarettes". These are long lasting, rechargeable electronics that give you maximum options to personalize and enjoy your ecig. Premium electronic cigarettes come with "atomizers" (the tips) that are refillable, and capable of creating dense, flavorful vapor that many smokers find as satisfying (if not more) than a tobacco cigarette. 

(3) What is e-liquid, and what is in it?
Eliquid (also known as e-juice) is a liquid made of simple food grade ingredients with the option of nicotine (in Canada, it is available in "0" (nicotine free) to "36" (providing slightly less than a tobacco cigarette).These strengths are standardized by the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada (ECTA), based on existing law.

Ingredients are usually printed on the labels. Here's what you need to know: 
Propylene Glycol (PG) - is the main component that produces vapor, and carries the flavor. It is a common food additive with millions of applications in food, medicine, personal care products, theatrical fog machines and more. It has been studied for inhalation since the 1940's with no known adverse problems. 
Vegetable Glycerin - is a sub component that adds to both the flavor and density of vapor. It is a natural "sugar alcohol", also found in thousands of daily use products including foods, medicines, personal care products and more.  
Concentrated Food Flavorings - Eliquid has no natural flavor of it's own. Concentrated flavorings are what gives the "taste" of tobacco, or cigar, or sweets or drinks - or whatever flavor you choose. Special flavorings are required to ensure against any chemical additive that may be safe for ingestion though are not recommended for inhaling (such as Diacetyl, sugar or oil)
Distilled Water / alcohol - is added to many mixtures with vegetable glycerin, to ensure the mixture remains liquid enough to be properly heated by an atomizer, preventing the ingredients from burning. (electronic cigarettes are not designed to burn any substance, as this can adversly affect the electronic and heating components). 

(4) What should I order to get started? 
Getting started requires purchasing a complete kit and at least one bottle of e-liquidA complete kit contains ALL the parts required (except eliquid) - the correct atomizers, cartridges and charging cords for that model. 

The selection of eliquid may seem overwhelming to a first time buyer. Finding eliquids you like can be a fun and interesting journey. Pick a flavor you think you'd like to taste all day - and start there. A 30ml bottle will last an average of 3 to 4 weeks - so finding your favorite or perfect flavor is a journey you can take over time. You are never married to your first purchase choice.

Note: Smokers switching over for the first time, often prefer tobacco flavors to start with. Many will gravitate to other (non tobacco) flavors within a few months to a year, or use them interchangably.

(5) Why is using an ecig called "vaping" and not "smoking"? 
Cigarettes produce smoke, therefore we refer to this as smoking. People who use cigarettes are smokers. Electronic cigarettes produce vapor, so we refer to this as vaping. People who use electronic cigarettes are vapers. Vapor is NOT smoke, nor does it contain any chemicals associated with combustion. 

(6) Why are Electronic Cigarettes only sold to Adults? 
There is currently no law preventing sales to minors. It is Electrovapor's position that - with or without nicotine, vaping is a substitute for cigarettes and cigarettes are restricted to adults. 

 If you've taken up smoking, seriously - consider giving it up. It's really a weird trap that you don't know you're in until you try to get out of it. Then you'll hate it, but quitting will get more and more difficult, and may even seem impossible. If you have a parent who's smoking, REBEL!

(7) I've heard/read statements like: "We don't know what's in Electronic cigarettes" or "We don't know if they are safe", and "Ecigs are unregulated and possibly dangerous". Is this true - in any way? Should I be worried? 
Eliquid, the active component, contains well known, basic ingredients, marked on most labels and available to anyone who asks. There is NO mystery - and never has been. As founding and active members of ECTA, we have our eliquids tested regularly for content and against contaminates and we fully support any form of testing, BY ANY BODY that can further educate the public on chemical composition of eliquid and of the vapor it produces. 

An electronic cigarette is - an electronic device.
 There is no mystery to it's composition. Standard precautions should be taken as with any rechargable battery operated device. It is important to follow instructions for care and usage, and be concerned about the quality of construction. Electrovapors will only source ecig hardware from reputable manufacturers who provide verifiable manufacturing safety certifications. 

Scientific studies have been carried out 
on nearly every aspect of electronic cigarettes and their use since 2009 by the University of Alberta, Harvard School of Public Medicine, Drexel University, Oxford, and many other recognized scientific, academic and medical bodies. These studies are peer-reviewed, published and available to anyone who wishes to view them. (see here for a selection and summary of studies) 

Formal Regulation by Government bodies
 is highly desired by the industry, but has not yet occured. ECTA and other bodies are making every effort to work with government regulators, who do have full access (as does everyone) to all current and past studies and detailed information on the product. A regulatory problem is not the same as a product safety problem, though the two are often confused. Currently, Health Canada refuses to acknowledge any regulatory category for electronic cigarettes, other than "medical". As ecigs are not medicines and have no medical application, medical regulation simply can't apply. This has created a "regulatory problem". 

Meanwhile, Electrovapors, and a growing number of Canadian companies, have joined together to create standards and regulations that follow existing Canadian product laws (labelling, testing, auditing). Where there are aspects of the product that should be covered by laws, but aren't, ECTA has formulated standards based on advice from researchers, testing results and knowledge of the product. Our aim is to have standards in place that show the highest level of safety, ethics and concern for consumers. 

(8) Tobacco companies deceived us for decades, how do we know that electronic cigarette companies aren't doing the same? 
Today, the Canadian ecig industry has the unique distinction of NOT being driven by corporations and shareholders. Electronic cigarette companies are primarily owned and operated by small and medium businesses and former smokers who are now "vapers". We have a personal and real interest in the quality of the product and it's future - for ourselves, our families and our clients. It is our hope that governing bodies will meet with us and discuss concerns and standards, openly, acknowledging the vast body of information already available, and begin working together, with the only agenda being an excellent product, and a future for Canada's current smokers who are not able to work with the "quit or die" options of the past. 

(9) I have a question not addressed here....
Drop us an email and ask. We're always happy to provide an answer or help you find the answer if we don't know it.